The music

The music is composed and performed by Abla Meltemi (see picture). Listen to the soundtrack!



IMG_5841The creative idea

Sonato is a short film about music, 8-12 minutes long.

A deaf boy working in a garden centre meets a busker musician hiding in the glass house. The story unfolds with no dialogues. Just music, sounds and silences.

The film is inspired by the sonata-form.

Like this classical musical form it presents two different characters using two different cinematographical themes with different sound design and photographic styles.

The film is meant to be minimalistic and to tell a story in a low voice.




The project

The production is based in Padova (Venice area, Italy).

Sonato is a non-for-profit project and involves a lot of volunteers. Nevertheless we planned some unavoidable costs like equipment rental, food, transportation, costumes, hard disks, professional services…

To cover the expenses we set up a crowdfunding project at Produzioni dal basso. People can become supporters with as little as 10 euros.


 To get English translation on the donation page, look for the English link at the bottom right of the page.

Supporters will get:

On set:

A honorary title of CLAPPERBOARDER. Supporters are welcome on the set as clapperboarder (novices will have a 3 minutes long advanced course on professional clapperboarding). Shooting will be between 24 and 30 August 2013. Interested supporters must contact the production for organizing the collaboration.

Behind the scenes:

Supporters will be kept informed on the production process and are allowed to know and study the production documentation, to know in details how this film is being made.


All supporters names will be included in the closing credits of the film.


Supporters will preview the film before its publication. They will get a password to watch the movie on-line.


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Raffaella Traniello